Artistic Design SEO is an Internet Marketing Company based in Queens, NY. Our job is to transform every website we get our hands on into roaring engines of profit for our clients.

We started as an offshoot of our parent company, Artistic Design Inc., a web development and graphics studio of over 20 years. As Artistic Design Inc. grew, our clients presented us with a problem: they could not find their websites online! We would tell them to wait a few weeks for Google to index their site, or to directly type their URLs into the navigation bar; but these suggestions confused them, and rightfully so. What was the point of paying for an elaborate, state-of-the-art advertisement no one would see?

The solution, we knew, was Search Engine Optimization. We scoured the SEO industry for companies we could trust sending business to, but we could not find one accessible or affordable enough for our clients' needs.

Our biggest concern was immediacy. Our clients wanted to see their website on the first page of Google the day their site goes live. Other SEO companies could not promise this. So we created our own.

Since then, we have amassed a large and eclectic client base, ranging from the most high-profile U.S. Senatorial campaign of 2010 to multiple award-winning businesses in the Tri-State area.

Contact us now for a free consultation, and our experienced professionals will start you on your path to online success.